Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Halloween Loaded Envelope Swap Received!- Countdown To Halloween Day 26

 Countdown to Halloween Day 26
Celebrating all things Halloween!

Sharing the Halloween Loaded Envelope and Goodies I received from my swap partner Donna!


Altered Domino 

Little Altered Matchbox filled with crafting goodies
Donna made the most gorgeous Loaded Envelope with a vintage zipper!

Vintage zipper incorporated into a paper envelope! I inspected and could not find any signs how she got it on there! I found out later she first stapled and then used hot glue (fantastic job- no signs of any staples or glue!)

Thank You Donna for a gorgeous Loaded Envelope and all goodies!!
I  really enjoyed and had fun with this swap!

Happy Haunting This Halloween! Tee

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