Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Countdown to Halloween Day 4


 Countdown to Halloween   Day 4

Today I am sharing with you my poem I wrote a couple of years ago.


Something lives in the basement. 
There it resides in the damp darkness, under the crawl space. 
I feel its presence. It is there I know, lurking watching, unseen.

Yet it knows I know of it. It cares not. 
It listens, it sees, it feels nothing. 

Watching... always watching!

Regretfully, My trips become much less.
I can not accept its presence, no matter! 
But I know I must endure. 
Until one day it sees me not!

Every dark creaky step, fills me with dread! 
I do wish to scream! I bid I will not!
To somehow, overcome, this thing unseen...

I am overwhelmed with an urgency. I yell, I run- not fast enough, not before I see a movement of it, a flash of something dark and sinister coming behind me. 

It is doom,doom itself.
    Tee Hall 2014



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Edgar Degas