Sunday, October 2, 2016

Countdown to Halloween Day 2

 Countdown to Halloween
Day 2 
  Countdown to Halloween!!  A month long celebration of all things Halloween!
Join me and the other Cryptkeepers for some thrills and chills this boo-ti-full season.
Today I'm sharing moms Halloween yard decorations.

                           Come on up!

Watch your step!
All Witches Welcome!
It's almost that time!

 Join Us!
We Can All Get Along Today!
Everyone's Excited Your Here!
But Beware...
For Now-The Grim Reaper is in Chains
Witch Hattie is Napping-She Has Had Some of Her Special Brew

Hattie's  Potion
Vampire Bats Are Just Hanging Around
The Scarecrows Are Saying Nothing
Visit As Long As You Like...
But Please Remember The Goblins Are Only On Lock Down Till Sunset, Monday Oct 31st!!!

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